Macedonia | December 7

Growing Believers

Tatiana and Klime

Tatiana wrung her hands as she prayed, “God, can You hear me? Why don’t You answer?” Her son was in trouble, and Tatiana prayed every day, but it seemed that God wasn’t answering. 

The True Way

One day while praying, Tatiana thought, Surely with all the religions in the world, there must be one religion that follows God’s way in every matter. Tatiana began praying that God would show her His true church. 

She found a Bible and began reading it. But it was so difficult to read that she set it aside. Later she tried it again. But again she found it too difficult to understand. She cried to God, “I believe that this Bible is Your Word, and I believe it can lead me to You, God. Please send someone to teach me about the Bible.”

The Man With the Bible

Two days later Tatiana answered a knock at the door and saw a man standing there, holding a Bible. “Would you like to study the Bible?” the man asked. Stunned, Tatiana realized that God had sent this man to her. She opened the door wider and invited him in. 

The man sat down and opened his Bible. Tatiana sat nearby and picked up her Bible. Together they prayed and read portions of the Scripture. He explained what the texts mean, and gradually Tatiana began to understand what God was telling her.

The man, George, returned several times a week for three months. Tatiana invited her husband, Klime, to join them, but Klime would leave when George arrived.  However, when Tatiana and George began studying prophecy, Klime stayed to listen.  

Tatiana and Klime began reading the Bible on their own. They found passages that puzzled them and asked George about them. But George was a new believer too, and he didn’t always know the answer. Tatiana asked George what church he attended. George explained that he was a Seventh-day Adventist. “Does your church follow everything that the Bible teaches?”  Tatiana asked hopefully.

“Yes,” George said. Then he explained that there was no Adventist church in the city, so the handful of members meet in their homes. 

Willing to Follow

Tatiana studied the Ten Command-ments and realized that she shouldn’t have idols or icons in her home. She destroyed the icons so that they wouldn’t be a stumbling block to her or to others. When she realized that her body is the temple of God and that she must keep it pure, she tried to quit smoking. But she couldn’t quit on her own. She asked God to help her stop. “Make them like poison to me,” she asked. In two or three days she had stopped smoking.

An Adventist pastor contacted the couple and asked to meet them. The couple was so impressed with how the pastor explained truths about God that Klime immediately asked to be baptized. He was seriously ill and feared that he would die. Tatiana also wanted to be baptized. But her job required her to work on Sabbaths.  Tatiana quit her job and found work on a farm. It was difficult work, but she had Sabbaths free.     

Growing Believers 

The nearest Adventist church was 90 miles away, so Tatiana and Klime invited the handful of believers to worship in their home. They share their new faith with anyone who will listen. 

Klime receives lengthy medical treatments every two days, so he takes his Bible or a Christian book to read aloud to other patients who are also receiving treatment.  Most appreciate the hope they find as they hear God’s words spoken to their hearts. 

Tatiana likes to share her faith with Albanians who live in her neighborhood.  She gives them copies of The Great Controversy. One man came to her and said,  “Someone stole my copy of The Great Controversy!  Can you give me another one?” Tatiana gladly complied.  

Tatiana has invited her neighbors to worship with them in their home, and several have come for worship. One woman read a book that Tatiana had given her three times and asked to be baptized. She’s preparing now for baptism. 

Klime and Tatiana continue to be on fire for God. The little congregation is growing, and one day soon they will outgrow Tatiana and Klime’s home.  

This quarter part of the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build an evangelistic center in their city that will accommodate their congregation, provide seminar rooms for outreach, and include training facilities for believers from throughout Macedonia who want to come and learn how to share God’s love more effectively. Thank you for helping grow strong, healthy believers in Macedonia.

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