England | November 2

Learning to Lead

Anette, Marija, Lyn

Anette was a new Adventist. She wanted to study theology, but she wasn’t sure she could afford to study at Newbold College, the Trans-European Division’s college and theological school. Her youth leader urged her to apply for a scholarship from the Danish Union. She applied and was accepted.

“I know that it was God putting the desire to study the Bible in my heart,” Anette says. “I’ve learned so much at Newbold. We have abundant Bible study groups and discussion groups in which I’ve learned to accept others’ opinions, even when they differ from mine. I’ve grown in these discussions.”

Anette isn’t sure what God’s plan is for her. “I’ll leave that in His hands,” she says. 

Newbold’s Ministry to Millions

Newbold College is Trans-European Division’s only college-level educational institution. Located outside London, England, it serves students from all 20-plus countries and numerous islands of the division as well as students from some 40 other countries around the world. 

“Newbold is strongly multiethnic,” says Philip Brown, principal of the college. “Students come to study for a semester or a year or four years, to earn a diploma or a degree. Some come to learn English, and others come to study theology. Most are Adventists, but some don’t know who Adventists are. This mixture makes a rich environment to discover and learn.”

“If You Exist”

Marija [Maria] grew up in Macedonia. She often felt alone and discouraged and longed  for acceptance. Often she prayed, “God, if You’re alive, please help me!” One night she dreamed that an angel appeared and assured her that God loved her. She awoke filled with joy.

After high school Marija moved to England to work as a live-in babysitter and improve her English. But the family she was assigned to treated her badly. Once more she felt abandoned. Then she met another girl from Macedonia who invited her to church. Marija went, hungry for friendship and eager to immerse herself in English. The worship service was so different from what she had grown up with that she wasn’t sure what to make of it. 

After church a Macedonian family invited Marija to lunch. They gave her a copy of Steps to Christ. She returned home and read the whole book that night. She prayed, Lord, if You exist, please help me find another place to live and work. Two days later God answered that prayer, and the family who had invited her to lunch welcomed her into their home as part of their family. A year later she gave her life to Christ and asked to be baptized.  

Marija’s visa expired, and she had to return home to finish her studies. Her family pressured her to give up her new faith. Miserable, Marija begged God to show her what He wanted her to do. 

God pointed her back to England, to Newbold College, where she first encountered Christ. Today she’s studying theology at Newbold. “God has given me all that He promised,” she said. “I know that He will lead me the rest of my life.” 

Planting Seeds

Lyn’s parents worked for the church in her homeland of Madagascar. She enrolled at Newbold to improve her English so she could be a better translator. But God had other plans, and she stayed on at the school after she completed her studies. 

“Newbold draws young people from so many different cultures,” she said. I’ve learned so much here.”  

Lyn met a young woman from Croatia who told her that she had never prayed before. The student told Lyn that she had come to learn English and had noticed that the students at the school are mostly Christian. She asked Lyn how to pray. 

“Talk to God as you would a friend,” Lyn urged her. “He knows your every motive, your every action, so you don’t have to hide from Him. Just talk to him.” The girl prayed her first prayer that day. When she finished her face was glowing. She had talked to God! After that the girl wouldn’t miss a worship service on campus. Lyn prays that this young woman is continuing to let God nurture the seeds of faith planted in her life while at Newbold and be fruitful for His kingdom. 

Training Thought Leaders

Newbold’s professors don’t teach subjects; they train students to think for themselves, evaluate answers, and solve problems. The school creates leaders for the Trans-European Division and the world. 

But the school faces challenges. It must keep its classrooms safe and its dormitories healthful places to live. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help upgrade the women’s dormitory at the college, creating a more healthful environment for leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for helping make Newbold a gateway to quality Adventist education.

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