Bulgaria | September 21

A Work of Faith

Student Literature Evangelists

A group of excited, nervous young people stood in a circle to pray. Their mission was to do what had not been done before in Bulgaria: blanket Bulgaria’s cities with Christian literature. They knew they couldn’t complete the task alone. Only God could make this happen.  


 Lukash, one of the team members, nervously walked downtown. She remembered her fellow worker’s encouraging words. “God will be your partner.” 

“I don’t have much experience, God; please be my partner,” Lukash prayed. 

The books she was carrying grew heavy in her arms as Lukash walked  from store to store. “May I see the book you have?” a young man asked Lukash. Surprised, Lukash gave him a copy of The Desire of Ages to look through, watching as he flipped through a few pages. 

“I want to buy it,” he said. Then he asked questions about her church. “I want to go to your church and learn about Jesus.” Lukash made change for the book and quickly wrote down the young man’s contact information. She smiled broadly and promised to pray for him.

As the young man walked away with his purchase, Lukash knew that God is her partner and that the most important part of her job is sharing His love with others. He would go before her, softening hearts and preparing the way. 

Mimi and Albena

Mimi and Albena trudged through the uneven streets. She and her partner had sold nothing all day. A pharmacy stood on Mimi’s side of the street.  The girls hadn’t been able to sell their health books in other pharmacies, but Mimi went inside anyway. There were no customers, so Mimi hoped the pharmacist might want a book.

“I am not interested in health books,” the pharmacist said. “However, do you have any spiritual books?” 

“Oh, yes!” Mimi said, pulling out The Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy, and several other books. The pharmacist bought six books and asked for the address of Mimi’s church. 

Today, Mimi and the pharmacist communicate online, and the pharmacist reports that she is reading The Great Controversy, and is impressed with it. 

In a small, seaside town, Mimi and Albena continued to look for open hearts and sales opportunities. 

“What are you selling?” An elderly woman smiled at them both. 

“We’re selling health books,” Mimi said.

“Oh, I don’t have any health anymore,” the woman replied.

“We have spiritual books as well,” Albena offered. 

The woman’s smile returned. Her excitement was evident as she looked over the books Albena showed her.

“I’m poor and can’t afford to buy books,” she said, her smile fading. 

Albena offered her a free copy of Steps to Christ. The woman took the book and, holding it close, said, “I love my God so much!” As she flipped through the pages, she continued to speak. “I try to pray for my son and daughter, but I can’t remember the proper words for the prayer.”

“When we pray we talk to God as a friend,” Albena said. She scribbled down some Bible texts for the woman to look up. 

“Oh, I don’t have a Bible,” the woman replied. 

“We will ask the pastor to bring you a large-print Bible,” Albena assured her. The girls prayed with the woman, asking God to continue to guide her. The girls realized that often the highlight of an exchange is not a sale, but the spiritual connections that are made. 


Jordan knows. He wasn’t even trying to sell books when God led him to a special encounter. While he waited for a bus, he began chatting with a middle-aged woman named Camilla.

The two talked for quite a while before they realized that their bus wasn’t coming. The group who had been waiting at the bus stop decided to walk into town to catch a different bus. As they walked, Camilla questioned Jordan about his faith. 

Once on the bus, the two continued talking. Camilla invited Jordan to visit her family in town. Jordan agreed, and soon he was visiting them regularly. He took them a Bible, and Camilla prayed with them. Camilla has begun to pray, and Jordan is sure that her faith will blossom into a full commitment to God before long. 

Whether on or off duty, walking along snowy hillsides or trudging through the city during a summer evangelistic blitz, God’s team of student colporteurs has been busy at work in Bulgaria.

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