Bulgaria | September 7

The Dream


 [Ask a woman to present this first-person report.]

A helicopter whirred over my head, whipping my hair into my eyes. Then it rose and flew a short distance away. I ran to follow it, for I saw it descend near my house. The helicopter hovered as a rope ladder unfurled and a man in a suit climbed down the ladder. He reached the ground as I raced into my yard. Many of the neighbors were there as well. 

I greeted the man as he stepped onto the ground. He put his hand to his chest and bowed slightly, a greeting of respect.

Then I woke up. I thought about the dream and wondered what it meant. I was sure I had never met this man from the helicopter, but his face—and especially his eyes—stayed in my mind.  

The Invitation

My sister and brother-in-law had become Adventists and often invited me to their church. But I had never been interested in going. Then she invited me to attend a baptism at her church. I was curious. I had never seen a baptism of adults before, and I wondered what it would be like. I accepted her invitation.  

On the day of the ceremony my sister and her family and I traveled to a nearby town. Her own church met in an old café and didn’t have a baptistry. I was eager to see this new ceremony, but I was wary of the church and its teachings. So I found a seat in the back near the door, just in case I needed to escape quickly.  

The people began singing as they awaited the arrival of the visiting pastor, but I didn’t know the songs, so I just listened. Then I heard a small disturbance just outside the door and turned my head to see who was coming. I gasped, for there stood the same man I had seen in my dream. Shock coursed through me, but I managed to nod a greeting toward him. He replied with a hand to his chest and a slight bow, exactly how he had in my dream. I sat stunned as the man walked to the front of the little church and joined the service. As he stood to conduct the baptismal service, I cried tears of joy. I realized that God cares for me, enough to send me a dream and then bring me to this place, exactly where He wanted me to be on this very day.  

Convinced and Convicted

After the service I stayed for lunch with my sister and brother-in-law. To my surprise, the pastor sat at our table. I watched him and listened to him, but I did not feel brave enough to talk to him. I wondered if he knew that God had shown me his face in a dream. 

That day I decided that I would attend the Adventist church. God’s attention to detail in my life melted my heart. In the year that followed I attended church faithfully and learned more about this caring, personal God. A year after I began attending church, I was baptized by the pastor who had been in my dream. 

After my baptism I shyly approached the pastor’s wife, Ginka. “God sent me a dream more than a year ago,” I told her. “In it I saw your husband wearing exactly what he wore the first time I visited the church. That is how I knew God cares for me and wanted me in this church.” 

Ginka smiled gratefully. “Thank you,” she said. “You don’t know this, but we were reluctant to accept the call to serve in this district because I wasn’t well. But God impressed us to come. That baptism you saw was the first baptism my husband had in this district.”  

My heart warmed at the way God had worked in both of our lives. God continued his work in my life. I had never learned to read as a child, and I longed to be able to read the Bible and share it with others. God taught me to read, and today I share that gift with the children of the church who meet in my home for Sabbath School. 

Thank You

Our little church still meets in that abandoned café building. It is a single room that has no heat and no electricity. But thanks to your gifts three years ago, we now have land and are building a church in which to worship. When it is completed, many more people will come to worship and learn about the God who cares for every detail of our lives. Thank you for being a part of God’s miracle in my town in northern Bulgaria.

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