Dear Friends


Some years ago I was sitting on a bed in total darkness, not knowing if an auto-related accident would keep me blind for the rest of my life. Instead, God intervened and gave me a second chance to live my life for him. I made a full recovery despite the negative opinions of many specialists.

I came to Denmark thinking that I was just fulfilling a promise that I made to God. Little did I know that God had something much more profound in store for me during the time that I would be in His service. 

I have been in Denmark at the Seventh-day Adventist school of Vejlefjord almost a full year now, working as a Boys’ Dean. While Denmark is not the most exotic mission field available, I can confirm it is just as important and trying as any other. 

Upon close inspection, it may seem as if my daily tasks are just habitual; however, God is at the very foundation of the school and of the students with whom I work. Many of them come from broken homes or have had difficult upbringings in spite of a country that prides itself on equality. Others are in complete opposition of God, holding atheistic views close to heart. Every day is a living testimony to the boys and girls attending the school.

One day the students can complain and detest the religious activities prepared for them at the school, and other days I hear songs of praise escape from their lips. These moments and memories prove to us as volunteers that no matter what role we fill, God has His hand in it, and in the end, you are fulfilling His will.

Keep your heads up and looking towards God, so that those around you may also see the beautiful ending that God has in store for us all. 


Carlos CorderoIn Christ,

Carlos Cordero

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