New Territory for Church in Polynesia

Friends and family watch as the first people to become Seventh-day Adventist Christians on the island of Aratika are baptized.Volunteers supported by Global Mission have established Aratika as a new territory for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the French Polynesia Mission.

Evangelistic work on this island of some 200 inhabitants began three years ago when a small group of church members from Tahiti stayed for three months, sharing their faith. As a result of those evangelistic efforts, seven people were recently baptized.    

“This highlights the excellent work that can be accomplished through the support of Global Mission when all church entities, from the General Conference to the local mission, work together to contribute financially towards helping unentered territories,” says Pastor Jerry Matthews, president of the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference. 

Volunteers built the Paparara church with Global Mission funding.Pastor Marama Tuariihionoa, president of the French Polynesia Mission, accompanied by 20 volunteers from Tahiti (the main island where the capital is situated), helped build a new church with the capacity of 100 seats in 18 days. Through the generous support of Global Mission, the church was able to purchase land in Paparara for the construction of the new building.

The small group of volunteers in Aratika is reaching more than 20 people every week; many are attending Wednesday evening and Sabbath programs. 

With five archipelagoes, French Polynesia consists of 118 islands, 67 of which are inhabited. 

This vast, newly-growing territory needs your prayers and support.



By Ambroise Colombani

a church member from French Polynesia Mission and Pablo Lillo, head of news and editorial for the South Pacific Division.


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