The Accident

This story is from the First Quarter 2010 Adventist Mission DVD, which features stories from the Southern Asia Division, which includes India. Watch the Adventist Mission DVD in your local church or online at

Meet Rex. He is a motor rickshaw driver in India.

One day while Rex was having dinner with his Uncle Simon, Simon turned to him and asked where his daughters, where going to school. Rex said they were attending the public district school “You should put your children in the Adventist school, said Simon, “They offer a high standard of education and your girls will learn English.”

Rex told his uncle that they were simply too poor to afford the Adventist school. So Simon offered to pay for the girl’s tuition.

Soon after the girls started attending they asked their mother to take them to Sabbath school. So Rex dropped them all off on his way to a full day of work. 

When Rex’s daughters returned from church they would tell him the stories they’d learned in Sabbath School. His wife would also share Bible texts she had heard in church, but he wasn’t interested in learning more. He had to work on Saturdays.

This continued for about a year, until one day Rex learned about a day of fasting and prayer that the school sponsored one Sunday a month. Because it was Rex’s day off he decided to go. “I was touched by the message I heard that day, says Rex “and realized that it was Bible truth.”

The school principal invited Rex to come to church the following week, but Rex hesitated. He didn’t think he could afford to take Saturday’s off from work.

Meanwhile Rex’s wife was preparing to get baptized and urged him to join her.He resisted at first, but eventually agreed, realizing that he wasn’t ready and still worked on many Sabbaths.

Two months after his baptism Rex suffered a spinal injury at work. Doctors warned him that he might never walk again without surgery, but the family simply couldn’t afford it. Months passed and Rex was confined to his bed. With plenty of time to think he realized that perhaps he wasn’t putting his trust in God. “I started praying that God would forgive me for not being faithful,” says Rex.

The family finally found a doctor that was willing to operate on Rex’s spine for a price that they could afford. After the surgery, as Rex laid in bed he prayed without ceasing that God would allow him to work again.

Today Rex can walk again. He regularly attends church. “I don’t work on Sabbath anymore,” says Rex.

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