Answered Prayers

The Griswold family, Nathan, Julie, Josiah, Scott, and Joelle, are missionaries serving in Thailand. Please pray for them and the people they meet through their ministry. 

Muy’s first brush with a caring God happened while she was burning a pile of leaves. She watched in horror as the flames leaped out of control, endangering a Buddhist temple. Muy prayed her first simple prayer.  As she arose from her knees, she was shocked to see that the fire had completely stopped. 

Muy helped support her family by selling produce from her garden. When her garden did poorly, she asked her Christian friends for help. They came and prayed over her garden and within a few weeks it was flourishing! 

Muy’s children, at 12 and 14, were still unable to communicate their simple needs. Her new friends came to pray for the children but before they could start, Muy asked, “The charms have to come off, don’t they?” They cut off the charms and the children’s health soon began to improve. 

One day Muy was bathing her daughter when the girl suddenly jumped up. She slipped and fell, hitting her head on the cement. She was knocked out cold. Muy cried to her heavenly Father for help.  She held her daughter for about 45 minutes until suddenly the girl opened her eyes and smiled. God had answered another heartfelt prayer. 

Second Quarter 2011

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Answered Prayers

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“I can’t say that God is our father.”


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