“I can’t say that God is our father.”

When Muy asked my dad to baptize her, he wanted to talk with her to make sure she was ready. He invited me to join them.

We arrived at Muy’s house and sat down for an exciting interview. Muy’s shining face gave me a certain thrill. This is what she said about who God is.

“God is the owner of everything and He has a love that can reach everyone. All we need to do is accept that love to be changed and have a wonderful peace. I can’t say that God is our father because He’s bigger than that. A dad will take care of his kids only until they can support themselves. But God will always be there to love and care for us no matter how self-sufficient or helpless we are.” I remembered that Muy’s father had left her when she was 15. 

My dad and I left, knowing that God had Muy’s heart and that she was ready to make her commitment.

So on a recent sunny Sabbath Muy was baptized into a new life. I think there will be more baptisms soon because of what I heard her say.

“I’m so excited to share God’s word with my neighbors. They’re so thirsty for His unconditional love. I don’t even need to look for people to witness to. They come to me. Some of them I’ve never met before. When I ask them how they found me, I’m often told, ‘I was pedaling my bicycle and a voice inside me said to stop at your gate. Now as I look on your face, I want to know and experience the peace that you have.’”


Please pray that Muy’s faith will be strong as she shares the love of God with her friends and neighbors.

To support Global Mission work in predominantly Buddhist countries, such as Thailand, please give to Project Fund #5210.

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“I can’t say that God is our father.”


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