Tithe and Global Recession

You wouldn’t know there is a global recession by the tithe increase some countries have experienced. It may interest you to know that Seventh-day Adventists in Belize, a tiny country in Central America, has boosted their tithing by 41 percent.  Bangladesh has recorded at least a 36 percent increase, and the country of Angola’s tithing skyrocketed 489 percent over the past five years.  Papua New Guinea also logged over a 40 percent increase.  

According to Claude Richli, marketing director for the Adventist Review, “The report tells the story of faithfulness around the world, in good times and in bad times.”  Richli went on to say, “People’s commitment has been deeper—or even rekindled—through the economic challenges the world has gone through.”  

The Adventist population in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, for example, lost a significant number of members due to membership audits, yet all three South American countries logged a marked increase in tithe compared to the year before.  Germany, Korea, and Brazil continue to be strong.  Other nations that stand out in the study are France, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, each experiencing double-digit tithe increases.  

Clearly, no matter where we live, it makes a difference when all of us do our part.  

You can read the full report at http://www.aiias.edu/gti/.

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