The Lost Boys

Feng and Mei* are a Global Mission pioneer couple who are planting a church in one of the large cities in China. They sell products from door to door in order to meet people and make friends for Christ. They focus on helping people with special needs such as the sick, the elderly, and the poor. Then they introduce their new friends to their Savior. 

Most of the people living in the region worship idols, so Feng and Mei visit the temples to meet people as well. They search for people who look lonely or sad and offer their sympathy and friendship. If the people are willing, the couple prays for their special needs. They have made many friends with whom they share God’s love.  

One day as Feng and Mei were walking along a road, they saw a teenage boy. He looked dirty and lost and troubled, so they stopped to talk to him. Feng and Mei realized that the boy had mental problems and couldn’t tell them where he lived. It was winter and bitterly cold; the boy’s hands appeared to have been damaged by frostbite. 

Feng and Mei asked the boy to come to their home. They gave him a bath, provided him with clean clothes, and fed him a warm meal. 

Feng and Mei cared for the boy in their home while they contacted the police and a local television station for help in finding his family. Two weeks later the police called to tell them that they had located the boy’s family some 200 miles away.   

The couple took the boy back to his parents, who were grateful to have their lost son home again. When the family realized that Feng and Mei were Christians, they invited the couple to stay with them and tell them about God. Feng contacted the local elder at a nearby Adventist church and asked him to visit the family. 

Feng and Mei returned home to continue their work. A few months later they learned that the lost boy’s family had found Christ as their Lord and had joined the Adventist Church. 

Feng and Mei are two of 60 lay workers who help a single pastor oversee 46 churches and 4,000 members in China.

* Not their real names. Photograph, by Gary Krause, is for illustration only.

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