Visible Challenges

The Adventist Church in India has had relative success. The Church has grown to more than 1.5 million members. Church leaders, evangelists, pastors, laypeople, and Global Mission pioneers are reaching out into the cities, towns, and villages across India to initiate, expand, and promote the scope and reach of the gospel ministry. But not all of India has had a chance to hear the message. 

There are many visible challenges, such as: poverty, population growth, political unrest, and cultural barriers. Muslims are already strong and organized opponents. Hindus are becoming more hostile towards Christian work. Global Mission pioneers must prepare for the growing challenges and even for persecution. 

Despite these difficulties there are opportunities. God is creating new windows for spreading the gospel among unreached people groups. One such opportunity is the millions of people migrating to the cities. These people, who are in a period of transition, are open to new ideas, including learning about God and religion. It is our task to take hold of the opportunity and carry out the missionary command of Christ. 

Our Global Mission pioneers are working hard and using simple methods such as, going door to door, witnessing personally to families in their homes, praying for the sick and starting small group Bible studies. Many of these small groups have developed into well-established congregations. The problem is that many of these small groups are in the cities where the cost of living and building churches is higher. Yet the pioneers are giving their all to save the lost and win unbelievers to faith in God and Adventist truth.

We could do so much more if we could hire more Global Mission pioneers in India. We pray that your valuable donations and fervent prayers will help our pioneers to plant new congregation among perishing souls. Thank you for your valuable financial support to finish the work of God and advancement of His mission.

G.R. Mohan Roy is the Adventist Mission director for the Southern Asia Division

Fourth Quarter 2010


Visible Challenges

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