Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division trains more than 1,000 pioneers

During the past four years, the Adventist Mission leaders of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division have recruited and trained more than 1,000 Global Mission pioneers who have established churches in more than 300 new areas.   

One hundred sixty of these pioneers are working in Johannesburg, South Africa. Recently a pastor of a Protestant church accepted the Adventist message and most of his congregation was baptized as well! 

Thank you for helping us bring thousands of people to Jesus.

Justino Paulo Adventist Mission Director, South Africa-Indian Ocean Division  



Bundled up after a cool night, this patron of a street vendor drinks his early morning chai (spiced tea) from a clay cup in Varanasi, India.

Each day thousands of Hindu believers flock to the Ganges River that flows through the city to bathe or offer prayers or offerings.

With a population of more than 1 million people, there are relatively few Adventists in Varanasi. Your donations are currently supporting 187 Global Mission projects in India.

Photo credit: Rick Kajiura
Communication Director,
Adventist Mission

Third Quarter 2011

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Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division trains more than 1,000 pioneers

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