Our Passion is Teeth and Hearts

My husband and I have always wanted to be missionaries. As soon as we got our professional licenses in dentistry, we sent applications to the General Conference. Eventually God called us to Zambia. When we arrived, we were surprised to learn that the clinic, Lusaka Adventist Dental Services (LADS), caters to middle and upper class patients. I always envisioned mission work among the poor and needy, so for some time I wondered how we could be missionaries to this class of society.

As months went by, I found the answer. The simple act of treating the patients well, even becoming their friend, speaks so much about God’s love. Every time a patient tells us that they are pleased with the treatment, or that they find our hands gentle, or that a child comes up to us for a hug after treatment, I find fulfillment in the knowledge that they have seen and felt Jesus at the clinic. I’m so glad to be a part of God’s work!

In our spare time we do mission work in local communities and orphanages. One community we visited is so poor that some of the boys wear girls’ dresses because they have nothing else to wear. Last Christmas, we brought them food and clothing. We had games, arts, and story telling about the birth of Jesus and God’s love. Also, by God’s grace, LADS donated a dental chair to the Mwami Adventist Hospital. One of LADS’ goals is to help other Adventist health institutions in Zambia. The past year and a half has been a roller coaster ride of joys and challenges, but our commitment to work as a family remains strong. No one ever said being a missionary is easy, but the knowledge that God is using us as instruments to further His work keeps us going.

Claire Balacy and her husband, Iluminado, are dentists from the Philippines at Lusaka Adventist Dental Services in Zambia. Your support of Adventist Mission helps make their ministry possible.

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Our Passion is Teeth and Hearts


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