Finding Refuge in Jesus

Seven years ago Samuel Mulugeta fled through the darkness of night to escape the horrors of war, famine, and oppression in his homeland of Eritrea.  After walking for days, he found safety at Shimelba Refugee Camp in northern Ethiopia. 

Here he also found Jesus as he attended a small Seventh-day Adventist Church that had been started by a Global Mission pioneer.

Samuel had heard of the Bible, but he never thought he would be able to read or understand it. He studied the Bible with the pioneer and decided to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. When the pioneer was transferred out of the refugee camp, Samuel became the new Global Mission pioneer. 

Now Samuel has the joy of introducing Jesus to those around him. It’s challenging work. Samuel is one of only two Global Mission pioneers trying to reach more than 10,000 refugees in the camp. But it’s also rewarding work. Many of the refugees have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus and they’re hungry for good news. 

On Sabbaths Samuel shares the word of God with his small congregation, and leads them in prayer and songs of praise.

During the week he visits people in their “homes,” where he helps them understand the Bible, listens to their struggles, and offers encouraging words. For many at Shimelba Refugee Camp Samuel is a rare ray of hope. 

Thanks to your support, Global Mission is able to share Jesus with thousands of refugees and immigrants all around the world. 

Global Mission Fast Facts

  • Global Mission helps fund evangelism materials for Eritrean refugees such as those at Shimelba Refugee Camp 
  • Global Mission helps fund 31 church planting projects and more than 60 pioneers in Ethiopia 
  • To learn more about Global Mission pioneers, visit
  • To plant urgently-needed churches in this part of the world, please support Project Fund #6110

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