Witnessing Through Actions

Global Mission frontline workers serve around the world each day telling their world about Christ Jesus. They, however, can’t reach everyone. The Lord depends on each one of His children to help tell His message. This special issue of Front Line Edition features the new Tell the World initiative to reach the world for Christ. As you read the following testimony of a young girl who became interested in Christianity as a result of her Adventist neighbors, please consider what you can do to witness in your community. –editor  

I accepted Jesus into my life when I was 13, but my personal encounter with Him began long before. A group of Adventists lived near my family as I grew up. At first they were just our neighbors, then friends, and at last they became an important part of our lives. These people were very kind. They never talked to us about Jesus, I mean, not in a direct way. But by their behavior they showed us that they weren’t ordinary people. 

At a very young age I often heard my parents saying that these Adventists were only missing one thing:  to convert to Islam so that they could go to heaven.  According to my parents, these Adventists radiated incredible tenderness and affection. 

As a little girl, these words touched me very deeply and often I wondered why these people wouldn’t have the right to go to heaven even though they deserved it much more than many other people I knew. Why were these people—who we weren’t related to—so kind and loving toward us, even treating us as their own family? 

Then one day I discovered that my much older brother was reading the Bible. For several years I’d seen a book in his hands nearly every day. It was worn as he carried it everywhere he went. I was curious. What book would he need to read every day for school? I thought to myself. 

I determined that I would have to get a peek at this book when he wasn’t watching. One day while he was in class, I ventured into his room and picked up the book. It took me several weeks to read the whole thing because as soon as I heard the front door of the house open, I would rush to put the Bible back and leave my brother’s room before he noticed me. 

That is how I discovered the Bible. It was only after my encounter with Jesus and acceptance of Him in my life that I understood our Adventist friends’ behavior, their love and kindness toward everyone…. I understood that it was a commandment of the Lord to be put into practice:  loving others as ourselves. 



*Not her real name. “Mary” is from a country we can’t name to protect her safety. 

Third Quarter 2010


Witnessing Through Actions

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