Golden Angels: Mission Trip to Taiwan

Trembling with adrenaline, the young singing group was astonished at the standing ovation at the end of their performance.  Descending the stairs to the off-stage area, they jumped up and down in excitement and offered a quick prayer of thanksgiving.  But the audience was calling for another song!  Suddenly they were back on stage with another opportunity to sing for God.  

The Golden Angels 7th  is a singing group of seven young people who have volunteered for one year of mission service in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. Their main ministry is to provide musical support for evangelistic meetings held by Pioneer Mission Movement pastors. But they also visit and deliver hope through music to students in schools, patients in hospitals, seniors in nursing homes, children in orphanages, prisoners in jails, soldiers in the army, and church members in churches and camp meetings. 

Recently the Golden Angels 7th sang at evangelistic meetings held by the Miaoli and Douliou churches in Taiwan. Since the meetings were in the evening, the Golden Angels 7th went to the markets and schools every morning to distribute handbills. Many people in Miaoli accepted the students’ invitations to attend the meetings. 

In Miaoli and Douliou, the singers visited several schools and one of the college bands and choir participated in the concert. “We tried hard to sing from the bottom of our hearts to deliver Gods’ message through our songs and to plant the love of Jesus Christ in their minds,” says Seon Kim, one of the musicians. “We had the opportunity to talk with many of the students about Jesus and some of them attended our meetings faithfully.” 

In addition to serving as pastors of the two churches, Pioneer Mission Movement Pastor Jung and Pastor Cho hold Korean language classes several times a week for local residents. They are striving to share Jesus through these classes. 

After the evangelistic meetings, several people accepted Jesus as their personal savior and began Bible studies with their pastor. “We were overwhelmed with joy,” says Seon Kim. “The Golden Angels 7th is moving forward bravely, holding God’s banner to spread His wonderous love.” 

Courtesy of Seon Kim Golden Angels 7th

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Golden Angels: Mission Trip to Taiwan

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