The Café Church

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To help reach out to the unreached people of Copenhagen, Denmark, Global Mission helped fund a church plant called the Café Church. Recently we visited with some of its members. Here’s what they’re saying about how the Café Church is impacting their lives.

Café Church attracts all kinds of people

“We have people coming to Café Church who have been Adventists all their lives. We also have people coming who are the children of life-long Adventists but who haven’t been that close to the church. They’re discovering who God is in this church. And they’re bringing their unchurched friends with them. I get to work with a lot of people who aren’t Christians and who are just beginning to come to their faith. It’s exciting to see people experiencing the gospel!” Pastor Bobby Bovell (above)

I want to keep coming back 

“The very first time I came here, I felt that sensation of God being present. It made me really want to come back.” Suzanna (left)

I feel God’s presence here

“There’s something special here. It’s like God is here. I know He’s with me at other times but I feel His presence here the most. The room is filled with holiness, and it’s a unique fellowship. My boyfriend’s not a Christian. He says, ‘I’m coming with you because I love being here.’ My mind might be troubled when I come in, but the moment I walk through the door, I feel peace.” Gita (right) 


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