Brand New at 95!

During the eight years following my husband’s death, my life was lonely. I lived by myself, my relatives lived far away, and my friends had died. Then suddenly, with a knock on my door, everything began to change.

Now 96, Mrs. Takagi is very active, sharing the love of Jesus and enjoying many hobbies. Here she is playing a musical instrument called a taisho koto.Last year two Seventh-day Adventist Christians, Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Nakam, visited me. They talked and prayed with me and invited me to visit their church. 

For years I had worshipped my ancestors, but I was looking for something to make life more meaningful. I wanted to visit the Adventist church, but I wondered if the members would accept me. “Of course, they’ll accept you!” the men said. “They will love you as their mother and sister.”

“Then let’s go!” I said.

When I went to the meeting, I hesitated at the door. Then a young woman took my hand and greeted me. Pastor Lee Sung Hoo gave me a warm welcome as well. All my doubts fled and I felt at home. I felt the love immediately!

I couldn’t stop smiling

I had found just what I needed. I felt like a child discovering something new. At 95 years of age, I was baptized.

Until I gave my heart to God, I hated my husband for being unfaithful while he was alive. Now I am filled with happiness, supported by God’s word and the love and prayers of my church family. 

The only regret I have is that I didn’t meet Jesus sooner. If I had known about this church, I would have known this happiness long ago. Now that I know Jesus, I want to spend the rest of my days with Him and die trusting Him. My greatest delight is to go to church each Sabbath. 


The pastor who warmly welcomed Kikue Takagi at the Amami Seventh-day Adventist Church is Pastor Lee Sung Hoo. When Pastor Lee left his home in Korea five years ago to serve as a Pioneer Mission Movement pastor in Japan, the Amami church had about 10 members. Under his servant leadership, membership has grown to more than 30 with many more people preparing for baptism. This is phenomenal growth for an Adventist church in Japan! Your support of Global Mission helps fund pioneers such as Pastor Lee.  

Mrs. Kikue Takagi was baptized last year at the age of 95. Now 96, she is actively involved in sharing the love of Jesus with her community. 


The congregation of the Amami Oshima Seventh-day Adventist Church in Japan. Pastor Lee is on the far left in the back row and Mrs. Takagi is third from the right in the second row.The congregation of Amami Oshima meets in a crowded rented room. The Thirteenth Sabbath Offering for first quarter 2012 will help them have a church home of their own. Mrs. Takagi says, “My sole wish in life is that the new church will be built before I die.”   

Second Quarter 2011


Brand New at 95!


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