January 2015

Reaching hearts in Togiak, Alaska

January 2015

When Everette arrived in Far Rockaway, she had no idea that she would still be involved in ministry there today.

October 2014

Today nearly 1,000 Adventist churches and 3,000 companies have been established throughout all 20 provinces of PNG.

September 2014

“I could see by the look in the man’s eyes that he was touched by seeing so many people at the church he helped to start.”

June 2014

"I never knew Jesus loved me."

May 2014

Philipus' Dream

January 2014

Welcome to Botswana!

September 2013

New Believers in Kinshasa

July 2013

Grandma's Gift

May 2013

Finding faith and forgiveness in Bangkok

March 2013

"Thank you so much!" ~ The Camp Robin Congregation

February 2013

Meet Our Botswana Pioneers

January 2013

Reaching Hearts in Taiwan

Fourth Quarter 2012

Jean-Luc's Greatest Joy

Third Quarter 2012

A Dream Come True
The Outback
A Heart Full of Thanks

Second Quarter 2012

The Want of the World
A Cannibal No More
A Glimpse of Jesus

First Quarter 2012

Embracing Cities

Fourth Quarter 2011

Taking a Faith Step
The Lost Boys
Christmas with a Purpose

Third Quarter 2011

A Tribute to Our Donors
True Shepherd
Pencil Project

Second Quarter 2011

Brand New at 95
The Dusty Road
New Work in Polynesia

First Quarter 2011

Meet a Pioneer
The Skype Baptism
Global Neighborhood

Fourth Quarter 2010

Visible Challenges
A Zeal for Christ
Help Make Mission Possible

Third Quarter 2010

Witnessing Through Actions
Telling the World
Finding Common Ground

Second Quarter 2010

20 Years of Mission
The Power of Prayer
Global Mission after 20 Years

First Quarter 2010

Special prayer issue

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Global Mission After 20 Years

One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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