Serge Kalombo

Kinshasa, DRC

“I recently met a woman named Sifa when I knocked on her door to talk with her about Jesus. She looked so sad. She told me her husband had left her and married another woman and that she prayed every day that he would return.  

‘Pastors from many churches have prayed for me,’ she said. ‘But I believe that if you pray for my husband, God will answer you.’

I prayed for Sifa and her husband and invited her to attend evangelistic meetings at my church. When she asked what church I attended, I explained that I was a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. 

Sifa came to every meeting. On the last night, the pastor invited everyone to follow Jesus. Sifa agreed to accept Christ if her husband returned.

That night it rained very hard. We had planned to baptize the new believers the next morning, but when we reached the river, we discovered that it had overflowed. Eventually, we found a spot we thought was safe. 

We baptized Sifa and everything went well until she turned to walk out of the water. She told us later that it felt like someone had pushed her hard. She fell into the river, was caught by the current, and completely disappeared. We couldn’t see her anywhere!  

I dove in to rescue her and when I finally found her downstream, she pulled me underwater. Now both of us were in trouble! Finally, two members of our choir managed to drag us to shore.  

A policeman heard the commotion and came to investigate. ‘Who gave you permission to have a baptism here?’ he demanded. ‘It’s too dangerous to be in the water.’

He asked what church I belonged to and I told him. Then he said, ‘God has worked a miracle for you today for no one has died.’ I invited him to visit our church and within a short time, he did.

As for Sifa, her husband returned and they were reconciled two weeks after her baptism. He is taking Bible studies and wants to be baptized soon.”

September 2013

Serge Kalombo

Serge Kalombo

Kasita Lubaka

Kasita Lubaka

Jean Longomo

Jean Longomo


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