Dear Friends

Kinshasa, DRC

Recently my church held classes on how to lead people to Christ. Then they sent a group of us to a remote part of Kinshasa to hold evangelistic meetings. It’s a difficult area as there is no transportation and most of the people are members of an African indigenous movement. 

One day I met Yanik and Crystal, a young couple who were expecting a child. Crystal told me that she had been pregnant 11 months and still hadn’t delivered. “If your God is the true God, please pray that I will give birth soon,” Crystal asked me. She wanted to give birth naturally, but her doctor told her she needed a Caesarian because the baby was so large.

Yanik’s family accused Crystal of being a witch because she had been pregnant so long.  I prayed for Crystal and invited her and her husband to some evangelistic meetings. They attended, gave their hearts to Jesus, and were baptized.

Crystal was willing to accept the Adventist message before her child was born. The following Monday, she went to the hospital and gave birth to a healthy child. Yanik came to my home to tell me and said it was a miracle. 

Yanik and Crystal reached out to their parents and they too have been baptized. 

Today this area that once had no Adventist believers has a congregation of 50 members.

Thank you for supporting Global Mission pioneers and church planters around the world. Your donations help start new Adventist congregations in areas where people have never had the opportunity to know Jesus. 

In Christ,

Gires Wakuteko
Global Mission pioneer
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

September 2013

Serge Kalombo

Serge Kalombo

Kasita Lubaka

Kasita Lubaka

Jean Longomo

Jean Longomo


Dear Friends

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