Kasita Lubaka

Kinshasa, DRC

“In the small village where I work, just outside Kinshasa, the people are very poor. They live in mud homes with metal roofs and have no electricity or running water. 

When my wife and I started our ministry here, we discovered that there are about 13 churches in the area. Most of the people are animist and spirit worshippers, but there are several Christian churches, including a small Adventist congregation that meets under some trees. It was started by a previous Global Mission pioneer, but after he left, many of the members became inactive.  

I worked hard to learn the local language. I visited the inactive members in their homes as well as non-Adventists in the community. 

My wife met with schoolchildren every afternoon for two months, teaching them songs about Jesus and telling them Bible stories.  

Curious, their mothers came to see what was going on. As they listened to the stories and saw the love my wife showed their children, their hearts were touched and many of them joined the children’s program. 

When I held evangelistic meetings many people attended, including former Adventists and community people not associated with our church.  We baptized seven people, including the chief and his wife who had been animists.

I’ve been in this village two years and our congregation has grown to more than 60 members. We even have our own church building in which to worship. 

My wife and I continue to visit the villagers, making friends for Jesus. Please pray that their hearts will be receptive to His Spirit and love.”

September 2013

Serge Kalombo

Serge Kalombo

Kasita Lubaka

Kasita Lubaka

Jean Longomo

Jean Longomo


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