Jean Longomo

Kinshasa, DRC

“I used to work for an airline, but I had a burden to spread the Adventist message in an unreached area of Kinshasa. Then I heard about Global Mission. I became a pioneer in 2009 and have been planting churches ever since.    

When I started there were less than 10 Adventists in the area. Together we sought God’s guidance for growing the church and invited our friends and neighbors to study the Bible. Many came and 17 people were baptized!

I then worked as a pioneer in another part of Kinshasa where I met three Adventist families. We started meeting for worship every morning in one of the member’s yards and invited our friends. Some neighbors heard us singing and came over to listen to the messages and prayers. Their hearts were touched and our group began to grow. We now have more than 60 members and with a Bible study class to be held soon, I’m sure we’ll grow even more. 

We rent an unfinished building with no roof. We’ve hung a tarp to protect us from the sun and rain. But when the owner of the building completes its construction, we’ll have to find another place to worship. Most of our members don’t have money to feed and clothe their families and can’t help build a house of worship.

Recently we learned that Global Mission will help us find land and build a church. My congregation and I are very grateful for your support.  It’s because of your donations that many of our members have embraced the Adventist message. And it’s because of your support that we will have a church home of our own."

September 2013

Serge Kalombo

Serge Kalombo

Kasita Lubaka

Kasita Lubaka

Jean Longomo

Jean Longomo


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