Grandma's Gift

China is rapidly changing with a mix of the traditional and the modern. 

In rural villages such as this one, traditional ox carts can still be seen on the streets. 

Much of China is very modern with large cities and huge populations. In recent years Christianity has grown, yet Christians are still a minority among China’s 1.3 billion people. 

In the heart of China, is a small Seventh-day Adventist church. Just ten years ago there were no Seventh-day Adventists here.

That’s when Mrs. Fan came as a church planter to start a new group of believers. 

Someone sent her to Popo (Grandma) Daus who had rooms to rent. 

Before long Mrs. Fan had a small group studying the Bible and Grandma Daus was one of them. As they studied, she gave her heart to Jesus and joined the fledgling church. 

Grandma Daus allowed the members to build a small church on her family’s property. But her husband wasn’t ready to sign over the land permanently.

One day as Mrs. Fan was walking in town, she saw that there had been an accident. When she got closer, she saw Grandma Daus lying on the street in a pool of blood. They rushed her to the hospital where the doctors said she wasn’t going to make it through the night. 

The church members held an all-night prayer vigil for her and she got better.

Grandma Daus realized that if she had died, her church family would have lost their worship home. She talked with her husband again, and this time they signed over the land to the church. 

Popo Daus is 79 years old and still worships in the little church she helped build. 

Mrs. Fan   
 Grandma Daus

Church planters travel to a meeting.




July 2013

Grandma's Gift

Grandma's Gift


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