Taxi Tale

Bangkok, Thailand

As Lek* sat in his taxi waiting for his next passenger, he wondered what he could do to help his wife Mai*. For three years she had seen a series of doctors about the severe pain in her leg, but so far nothing seemed to help. She has suffered long enough, he thought. 

When he got home, Mai met him at the door, excitedly telling him about some meetings she had heard about at the nearby Adventist church. Maybe she could find someone there to pray about her leg.  

Lek saw how much it meant to her, so he assured her that he would take her to the meeting the very next night. He had no desire to go into a Christian church himself, so he would just take a little nap in the taxi while he waited outside.

Mai listened closely to the evening presentation and was touched by what she heard. After the meeting she plucked up her courage and went forward to speak to the pastor. He listened to her with kindness and respect as she explained why she had come to the meeting. Then he offered to pray for her, just as she had hoped. 

With shining eyes, Mai told Lek about what she had seen and heard. She wanted to continue going to the meetings, so he agreed to drive her. After a few visits, Lek thought it wouldn’t hurt to go into the church and sit on the back row, just to see what it was that made Mai so happy. Strangely, her leg was starting to get better. 

It wasn’t long before Lek was sitting with Mai near the front of the church. He listened with rapt attention as Pastor Paul spoke about faith and forgiveness. He began to study his new Bible at home. Carefully he read it three times from cover to cover, just to be sure he understood. Confident that the Bible is the true word of God, Lek and Mai decided to be baptized. 

*Lek and Mai are not their real names.

May 2013

Taxi Tale

Taxi Tale

Meet Pastor Paul

Meet Pastor Paul

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