Welcome to Camp Robin

Camp Robin, Madagascar

The Camp Robin congregation is beaming with what seems like mile-wide smiles. Like they can hardly believe their dream has come true. But after years of sacrifice and months of hard work, they finally have their own church home. 

There are no doors yet. Or floors. Or even benches. But they’re already holding Sabbath services. 

The attractive brick building was funded by the Mission of South Madagascar, the Indian Ocean Union, the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, and your Global Mission donations.  

Pastor Frederic Lucien Randriambeloson is the Global Mission project coordinator for Camp Robin. He’s been the district pastor in the area for the past several years and is responsible for seven churches. That’s a huge challenge in itself, made tougher by the long distances between them. Pastor Randriambeloson often walks 10 kilometers or more to get from one church to another. “People aren’t receptive to the gospel here,” he says. “Drinking and adultery are prevalent and animism is strong. But seeing people converted to the gospel and planting churches brings me the greatest joy.” 

“And when they’re converted,” adds his wife, Valerie, “they’re really converted. They’re courageous and they accept you as their own family.” 

Pastor Randriambeloson started the Camp Robin plant with 13 members and now there are more than 50 worshiping each Sabbath!  

Camp Robin is a village on the island of Madagascar.  Recently 40 people from nearby Adventist churches camped at Camp Robin in order to share Jesus with the villagers. They visited each home and within two weeks 83 people signed up for Bible studies. Camp Robin has started four branch Sabbath Schools and 24 people were baptized in 2012. 

March 2013


Welcome to Camp Robin


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