Meet Pastor Paul

Bangkok, Thailand

Pastor Alvin Paul is a Global Mission pioneer working in the sprawling city of Bangkok. One of his biggest challenges was to find a way to gain the trust of people who would never think of entering a Christian church. Pastor Paul uses the first floor of his apartment as a small center for classes and activities. He offers lessons in English, health, and Bible, but as a trained massage therapist, he can also offer therapeutic services. He has assisted many stroke victims, sometimes going to their homes, helping them to regain or improve the use of their arms and legs. There is no charge for these treatments.

People responded so well to the health classes and meetings, Pastor Paul was busier than ever. He trained some of his members to assist with the classes and treatments to further expand their outreach opportunities. 

Lek and Mai became indispensable to Pastor Paul as soon as they became members. They decided to use the living room at their own home as an additional church center. Now Pastor Paul dedicates a full day each week to health ministries at both centers. Some of the people who come for classes or treatments are now attending the branch Sabbath School at Lek and Mai’s home. Noom*, their next-door neighbor, has become a Seventh-day Adventist and is actively involved. 

*Lek, Mai, and Noom are not their real names

Church center in Lek and Mai's home.

May 2013

Taxi Tale

Taxi Tale

Meet Pastor Paul

Meet Pastor Paul

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Testimony of a Taxi Driver


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