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Sri Lanka

This morning I was thinking about our Global Mission pioneers.  Life would be so much easier for them if:

  • every appointment would begin exactly on time.  
  • shoes would hold up for long walks to hold Bible studies.  
  • bicycle tires would not go flat.  
  • buses would be on schedule.  
  • faulty car parts would last a little longer.
  • there would be electricity when it is needed.
  • there would be enough chairs or mats for everyone at a meeting.  
  • there would be no worries about funding.

Most of us have worries and concerns, and so do the Global Mission pioneers.  Many are working in difficult areas or dangerous situations.  Some wonder whether their efforts to share Jesus are making any difference.  And yet they continue to work, believing that this is what God has called them to do.

Please pray for the health and safety of the pioneers as they do their best to start new congregations.  Pray that they will be encouraged by the good counsel in Proverbs 16:3, which reads, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”  

Global Mission pioneers don’t have easy lives, but your prayers will certainly make a difference.  They appreciate your prayers and frequently ask us to send their thanks to you.  

So, thank you very much for supporting the work they do!

March 2013


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