"Jesus Saved My Life"

Sojwe, Botswana

Amos Mapharing is a strong believer in the power of a personal testimony. In his first sermon at Sojwe he shared how Jesus restored his health. “Christ saved my life,” he says. “He spared me for service and I love this ministry!”

Amos has an exciting vision for Sojwe. In addition to holding evangelistic meetings and having Bible studies with village families, he’s passionate about creating what he calls a child-to-child ministry. 

“I have realized that it’s easier to mobilize children than the elderly,” says Amos, “so I will do all that I can to empower these little jewels so that they can share the love story of Jesus with their companions.” 

Amos’ goal is to continue the ministry of Sojwe in the community, raising up new groups of Adventist believers and planting more churches. “I believe the testimony of someone who loves Jesus is a very powerful thing. I want to do everything I can to empower our Sojwe members to be faithful witnesses for Christ.

“Please pray for us as we share Jesus’ message of hope in unreached areas. Our work is very challenging. And please continue to support our ministry in Botswana where the majority of our population remains unreached.”

February 2013


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"Jesus Saved My Life"


"I Love My Work!"


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