Philipus' Dream

When Philipus Surbay went to work as a church planter in Kaimana, he was the only Seventh-day Adventist in town.

He had planned to become a police officer in one of West Papua's cities, but God had other plans for this soft-spoken man. "I had a dream," says Philipus, "and in it I was told that I should go to my home town and plant a church among my own people."

Philipus visited people in their homes to tell them about Jesus and give tem Bible studies. It was difficult, but eventually he raised up a small group of believers.

The Adventist membership continues to grow in Kaimana. 

A second church building is being constructed on the opposite side of town as a result of the growth. Please pray for Philipus Surbay as he plants churches for Jesus and for the people of Indonesia as God continues to touch their hearts.


The congregation built the first Seventh-day Adventist church in town where they meet every Sabbath for worship.    The Adventist youth are active in their communities. They visit people in their homes to pray with them. The people of Indonesia are hungry to learn about Jesus. 
 This growing congregation, located on the opposite side of town, worships at a church member’s home and plans to build a church of their own.  The group prays over their new church building site.  Church members mix concrete for the foundation of their new church.
 Just before this photo was taken, this girl performed a cultural dance, interpreting the story of her people’s history. The smile on her face says it all. She is proud to represent her culture of West Papua, Indonesia.  
Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands. Fishing is a common job here.

This boy was making his way into town when he heard singing. Curious, he stopped and found a small group of Adventists studying outdoors. He decided to stay for the children’s lesson. 

Every day, Global Mission pioneers and church planters reach out to people who have never had the opportunity to hear the Adventist message. Your donations and prayers help make their work possible. To learn more about their ministry, please visit Thank you for your support!

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May 2014

Philipus' Dream

Philipus' Dream


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