Dear Friends

Bere, Botswana

Come with me to a small desert village in Botswana. It’s early Sabbath morning, but already the sun has turned the Kalahari sand into a lake of white fire. 

Pastor Ishmael, a friendly Global Mission pioneer, is on his way to open the doors of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Villagers, leading children by the hand, are on their way to worship in it—largely because of Ishmael’s ministry. 

Years ago a pioneer helped start a church plant in this Basarwa community. But when he left, most of the members drifted away. When Ishmael came, he reached out to the villagers by following Christ’s method of ministry—mingling, showing sympathy, ministering to needs, winning confidence, and then bidding them to follow God. In just one year he helped most of the former members renew their commitment to Jesus and baptized eight new believers! 

Chief Kgosi says he’s seen many of his villagers transformed by God’s power and believes this wouldn’t have happened without the presence of a pioneer. 

Sometimes I feel discouraged when I think of the millions of people in the world who are still waiting to know Jesus. But then I remember Bere, where the ministry of a single church planter is making a difference. If the pioneer ministry can touch hearts there, it can reach people for Jesus anywhere. 

Only we need more pioneers. Hundreds more. Especially if we’re to reach the cities of the world for Jesus. And they in turn will need our prayers and financial support. Are you looking to partner with a ministry that is making an exciting difference and that really needs your help? If so, please consider supporting the ministry of Global Mission.

January 2014


Dear Friends

Ishmael Rabatho

Ishmael Rabatho


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