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Global Mission’s Annual Sacrifice

The early years of the 1920s were a difficult time for the western world. Europe lay devastated from the results of World War I and the economies of the United States and Great Britain suffered a depression.

At the same time the Adventist Church was fully engaged in expanding world mission. From 1910 to 1920, the number of evangelistic workers outside North America went from 2,020 to 4,336. It was also during this period that the number of churches outside North America exceeded the number within for the first time.

The downturn in the economy and the rapid expansion of Adventist world missions posed a real problem for the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Mission opportunities were available as never before, yet the crippling financial shortfalls in North America meant that such opportunities might never be realized and that missionaries already in the field might need to be recalled.

During the Autumn Council of the General Conference Committee in 1922, the delegates prayerfully decided to ask church members to give a sacrificial offering to cover a quarter of a million dollar budget deficit that year. The members responded by giving more than $350,000 over the following year to what later became known as the Annual Sacrifice Offering. This offering has continued to this day with 100 percent of the funds going to Global Mission’s frontline work, planting churches in unreached areas and people groups around the world.

The sacrifice that the church members made in 1922 is amazing when their contribution is translated into today’s dollars.

The global economy is now facing a similar challenge to that of 1922. Yet due to the explosive growth in the world’s population the challenge is greater than ever. Let us strengthen the Church’s outreach by giving an abundant Annual Sacrifice Offering on November 10, 2012, so that others may share the joy of being citizens of Christ’s new kingdom.

Faithfully yours,  Delbert Pearman

 Today, the Annual Sacrifice Offering supports pioneering projects in

Afganistan  China  Indonesia  Malaysia  SaintKittsand  Thaliland 
Algeria Coumbia  Iran Mayotte      Nevis  Timor Lester 


Cote-D'Ivoire  Israel  Mexico  Samoa  Tokelau 
Angola Croatia  Italy  Mongolia  Serbia  Tonga 
Australia Cuba  Japan  Morocco  Seychelles  Turkey 
Bahamas DR Congo Jordan Mozambique  Singapore Tuvalu 
Bangladesh  Egypt Kazakhstan  Myanmar Slovenia Uganda 
Belorussia Estonia Kenya Nepal Solomon Ukraine 
Benin Ethiopia Kiribati New Zealand     Islands United Arab 
Bhutan Fiji Kyrgyzstan Nigeria South Africa     Emirates 
Botswana Finland Laos Niue South Korea United States 
British Virgin  Germany Latvia Pakistan South Sudan Uzbekistan 
    Islands Ghana Lebanon Papua New Spain Vanuatu 
Burkina Faso Guatemala Liberia     Guinea Sri Lanka Venezuela 
Burundi Guinea Libya Romania Sudan Vietnam 
Cambodia Haiti Madagascar Russia Taiwan Zambia 
Canada India Malawi Rwanda Tanzania Zimbabwe 




















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