Global Mission in Botswana


In our pursuit to execute the gospel commission, Botswana Union is maximizing its efforts to empower and support Global Mission pioneers. The recruitment process is rigorous. Young men are recommended by their church boards and ultimately recognized by the Conference Executive Committees. It is unfortunate that we do not have any women pioneers at this time. This may be due to the hardships faced in remote locations.  

Justino Paulo, SID Adventist Mission Director.In areas such as Satau, people always have to be on the lookout for wild animals. Pioneers must travel long distances on foot to board a bus to go into town to buy food and groceries. We are grateful that none of our pioneers have been attacked by wildlife. God has always protected them in the thick forests up north and the wide deserts down south.

Botswana Union hosts an evangelism committee twice a year where the program is reviewed and given an impetus through vibrant and unique methods. This helps our union accomplish its goal of reaching 50 unentered areas in Botswana. 

We are thankful to Pastor Justino Paulo, the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division’s Adventist Mission director, for visiting Botswana every year to train pioneers. The training includes, Church Planting, Church Finances, Church Leadership, Homiletics, and Hermeneutics. After such training, the pioneer is expected to establish a company or a church. 

There are currently 15 sites where our pioneers are working. Two churches have been organized and several companies have been formed. 

Sabbath worshipers at new church in Sojwe.We have noticed the greatest accomplishments in areas where the pastor and the local church members support the pioneer and his work. It is encouraging to see conference leaders, such as Pastor Tswelelo Lekolwane and Pastor Bosenakitso Chabale, mentor the pioneers and the union and division equipping them with materials to enhance their ministry. This year our pioneers got a morale boost when a team from the Office of Adventist Mission at the General Conference came to visit.  

The daily work of a pioneer in Botswana includes door-to-door visits, distributing literature, Kgotla devotions and prayers, Voice of Prophecy lessons, and devotions and prayers at clinics for the staff and the patients. The Kgotla is the traditional gathering place for the community. It is at such gatherings that the chief addresses his people and listens to disputes. The pioneers basically serve as pastors in their territories.

Here is how the work of Adventist Mission has developed since 2008:

Participating districts


Bible studies: 


Literature distributed


Community service


Home visits


VOP enrollment


VOP graduation




Candidates ready for baptism


Worship centers established


VBS programs conducted


Churches organized as a result of GM program


Recently, Tshephang Rampart, a pioneer in Gudigwa, conducted an evangelistic effort that resulted in 101 baptisms. 

One of the challenges we face is creating decent worship structures. People do not like to be associated with shabby ones. It would also be great to accommodate our pioneers in better habitations since they use their living quarters as offices and counseling centers.    

We are joyful to announce that three of our pioneers have since joined the ministry. They are studying theology at Zambia Adventist University. 

We are truly grateful for the funds that come from donors and church members. Please keep them coming; we have a great expanse of work ahead of us. We are determined to serve the Lord to the best of our ability so that Christ is lifted up!



Botswana Population               2 million people
Botswana Union membership  33,485 Conferences 2 (north and South Botswana Conferences
Churches                                105
Companies                             96
Official languages                  Setswana and English
Adventist Mission pioneers     15

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