Madagascar—Where Things Happen


The country of Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Located off the east coast of Africa, it has a population of 22 million people. The Seventh-day Adventist membership is nearly 140,000 or about one Adventist for every 157 people.

A typical Global Mission chapel  in Madagascar.It’s within this context that the Church leaders decided to launch the Global Mission Pioneer program in order to reduce the big gap of those who need to know Jesus.

The pioneer work started in 2003 on this island. Skilled lay members were recruited and trained and then deployed in areas of Madagascar where there was no Seventh-day Adventist presence.

The task has not been easy. Global Mission pioneers have encountered many challenges related to traditional and ancestral worshipers. In various places they have been chased away by other religious leaders with the intention of avoiding foreign religions. But the pioneers were very strong and took courage because God was with them.

Pioneer working with a minority group in the south.Sometimes the centers of worship themselves become a challenge.  In the minds of many people the building structure determines the true religion. For them a beautiful church equates a good religion while an “ugly” church equates a bad religion. 

 The Global Mission pioneers in Madagascar have been supported by the Mission office, private donors, and by donations to Global Mission. As a result many unentered areas have been reached, including minority groups. Temporary churches have been built and many people have either been baptized or are currently attending baptismal classes. 

New members worshiping on Sabbath.The Global Mission Pioneer initiative has been a golden opportunity for new graduates of Madagascar’s Adventist University Zurcher. Having earned a theology degree, some are recruited to the Global Mission ranks to gain more practical experience before they are called into the ministry.

One of the dreams of most Global Mission pioneers in Madagascar is to build a primary school close to their chapels in order to enable children in the area to receive an Adventist education and come to know Jesus. 

Thanks to your prayers and financial support of Global Mission, things are really happening for the glory of God in Madagascar. Please continue to remember the work of Global Mission and the pioneers who have committed their lives to reaching people here with the love of God.
Building a temporary chapel.


Statistics of the Past 2 Years

Global Mission pioneers                       29
Global Mission chapels                         13
Baptized members                              415
People attending baptismal classes     201

Fourth Quarter 2012


Madagascar—Where Things Happen


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