The Outback


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The Australians have a term called a walkabout. It’s origin comes from the time when an Aboriginal man would set out by himself, walking the bush. A spiritual journey where he would hope to discover himself.

Don Fehlberg, a pastor in Western Australia, has gone on his own walkabout, his own spiritual journey to reach the Aboriginals of the Outback.

“I’ve been working specifically with aboriginal people since 2000, but started doing this full time in 2004,” says Pastor Fehlberg, associate director for Aboriginal Outreach for the Australian Mission. Pastor Fehlberg has helped establish an Aboriginal church plant called Jigalong.

“Public evangelism fits these people very well,” says Pastor Fehlberg. “They love pictures and stories and we use these a lot in evangelism here to illustrate the message.

“The Aboriginals like to have church and they feel good when they’ve had church. And that’s one reason why we work so hard to help them do what they really want to do.”

“They’re very spiritual people,” says pastoral intern Dieter Stahl. “A lot of the kids are very spiritually receptive and so they understand spiritual themes and concepts easily. They have a hunger for God and they’re actually asking for God. To be able to share that and equip the locals with the ability to share for themselves, that’s the main attraction for me.”

“I think Jigalong is getting stronger for the Lord and for the church,” says Pastor Fehlberg. “Now the congregation has plans to reach out to the people of the western desert. They have discovered God’s commandments and especially His Sabbath and they want to share this with others so they can be ready for Jesus’ soon coming. There’s a real burden in their hearts to tell others.”

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