A Glimpse of Jesus


Public evangelism is extremely difficult in Israel where I serve as a missionary. But it is possible.

Seventh-day Adventists are creating and supporting programs that connect with the Jews. Please pray that as we introduce Jesus to those with whom we come in contact, they will get a glimpse of a loving and compassionate Savior.

I’d like to share some comments from people who have caught a glimpse of Him already.

“I see the realness of God in my Adventist caregiver. Before, I didn’t believe in God.”
Ziona, Israeli

“With the truth presented by the Adventists, now I understand that Yeshua is a Creator God and my Messiah. Hallelujah!”
David, Israeli

“I was invited to attend a health lecture and checkup. My aging body has all the aches one can imagine. The checkup and the lectures helped me change some of my lifestyle. I can see the love and concern for others from this group of people.”
Maria, immigrant

“My life was empty. To fill this nagging void, a friend suggested that I watch a religious program on TV. One program that caught my attention was It Is Written. The messages I heard were all new but sensibly true! An Adventist pastor was introduced to me and answered all my questions. What a joy I found with the Savior! I share this joy with my sister who has joined me in this loving relationship with Him.”
Irene, foreign worker

“Before I knew Him, I found myself in bars drinking every weekend. But now that I found Him, the joy that I feel during the Sabbath hours stays with me through the week until another Sabbath comes. What a blessing!”
Lyn, foreign worker

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