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Four church plants organize into local Adventist churches in Netherlands

Four church plants in The Netherlands Union Conference (NUC) were recently organized into recognized Seventh-day Adventist churches.

Since the year 2000, NUC has made church planting a priority and started 23 new groups of believers. The plants are supported by teams of church members and monitored by a minister, usually the pastor of their “mother” church.

These four new church plants predominantly reach the postmodern, post-Chrisitan culture of the Netherlands. Pastor Wim Altink, NUC president, congratulates the four new Adventist centers of faith. Together with Pastor Rudy Dingjan, NUC staff member for church growth, he will lead out in the inauguration feasts of Student Church in Utrecht, Het Middelpunt in Purmerend, X-preszo in Rotterdam East, and Het Kompas in Rotterdam South. The Netherlands Union has 5,375 members worshipping now in 58 churches and 13 church plants.

A Goodwill Meal

Egypt has fewer than 750 Adventists among a population of more than 80 million people. The vast majority of Egyptians are Muslims. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, observant Muslims fast during the day and break their fast with an evening meal after sunset. In a gesture of goodwill, the Adventist Church hosted an evening meal during Ramadan for members of the Muslim community.

More than 20 guests attended the meal, including government assistant ministers, a general, a police colonel, representatives from two political parties, leaders of an Egyptian human rights organization, and journalists. After the meal the guests expressed appreciation and good will toward the Adventist Church. Some indicated that they had been unaware of Seventh-day Adventists before the occasion.

Egypt Field president Llewellyn Edwards spoke to the guests, expressing how living among Muslims had changed his understanding of Muslims from one of fear created by Western media to one of friendship and hospitality. “Muslims are people to be loved,” he said.

Once again your tithes and offerings have helped to build a bridge of understanding between Adventists and Muslims.

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