To Every Nation, Tribe, Language, and People

The Pioneer Mission Movement in Northern Asia-Pacific Division

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division is the most populated division in the world with nearly 1.5 billion people. Despite considerable growth over the past decade the Adventist Church in northern Asia still faces many challenges.

In 2003 Northern Asia-Pacific Division Global Mission launched the cross-cultural Pioneer Missionary Movement. More than 50 dedicated pastors are planting churches as Global Mission pioneers. Usually Global Mission pioneers are lay members who work within their culture and language group. However, Pioneer Mission Movement sends pastors from countries, such as Korea, where there are many pastors, to countries such as Japan, where there is a great need for pastoral leadership.

After extensive training in their home country, pioneer pastors, along with their families, are sent to their mission field. Here they receive one year of language training. Pastors then spend the next five years planting churches within a community where there are virtually no Adventist members.

The Pioneer Mission Movement program has helped jump-start many Adventist churches throughout northern Asia. Over the past seven years pioneer pastors have planted or revitalized more than 50 churches. For more than 50 years the Adventist Church in Taiwan has struggled to grow. However during pioneer pastor Chae KwangByung's first year in Miaoli, Taiwan, he baptized 12 people. In Saga, Japan, the Adventist church has had only one member for the past 17 years. Pioneer pastor Lim GeunSik has baptized nine people in the first two years.

The Pioneer Mission Movement encourages local church members to have an active part in doing cross-cultural mission work. When a local pastor joins the program his church doesn't forget about him. They keep him in their thoughts and prayers. Members from the pastor's home church often plan mission trips to his new church. Local members realize that they are part of a worldwide church and begin to have pride and dignity in their Adventist beliefs. They develop a deeper interest in missionary work and learn through their experiences that it "is more blessed" to share what they have than to receive.

Thank you for your support of the weekly mission offerings and Global Mission. Your prayers and financial contributions help reach the unreached with hope, including those who live within the Northern Asia-Pacific Division.

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To Every Nation, Tribe, Language, and People

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