“It just keeps growing!”

They started with 16 members and met at the São Paulo Conference facilities. For six months they met weekly to pray, dream, and plan their new church. 

During this time their group grew to about 45 people. They decided to launch New Seed in November of 2005. 

“Since our first public worship service, the work has been intense and highly rewarding,” says Gonçalves. For the first two months they had between 180-200 people worshiping with them each Sabbath of whom 45-60 were postmodern people. But this number grew quickly as visitors began to bring friends and relatives to the evangelistic services.

By 2006 they had grown so large they rented a nearby convention center. It wasn’t long before 750-900 people were attending one of their three services each Sabbath. It was time to move again! 

In 2010 New Seed rented a larger facility that enabled them to hold two Sabbath services. But . . . they kept growing.  



Official language: Portuguese

Urban population: 87 percent of the total population

Population: 203 million

Adventist membership: 1,229,879

Adventist population ratio: 1: 156


Second Quarter 2011

Church Planting

It started as a dream . . .


“It just keeps growing!”

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One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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