Sharing Jesus on the Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, West Africa

During a visit to Côte d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast), West Africa, I traveled to one of our Global Mission projects in the town of Alepe, about 20 miles outside the capital city of Abidjan.

Adama Tano, the Global Mission pioneer overseeing the project, grew up in a non-Christian home. Plagued with a chronic illness, his family had spent everything they had for his healing, but he didn’t get any better.

An Adventist family lived in the same village as Adama. He noticed that while they were no better off financially, they were happy and at peace. He decided to follow them around to discover the secret of their joy.

Adama followed the Adventist family to church on Saturdays and sat outside the meeting place to listen. Soon he discovered that the secret to their happiness was found in the scriptures that they read and the God whom they worshipped.

Following his conversion to Adventism, Adama was persecuted by his family and fled to Alepe. There were no Adventists there and Adama shared his faith with anyone who would listen. He became a Global Mission pioneer and has already led 35 people to Christ.

Adama’s greatest rewards were to witness his first convert, Koffi Apiah, being baptized and nurturing Oulai Bleu, a prominent village leader, and his family to embrace the Adventist message. His most urgent desire is to carry the Adventist message to the villages that surround Alepe.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and contributions that support our Global Mission pioneers.

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