Why Muy’s Face Shone Like the Sun

Sabbath morning the sun shone brightly as Khun Muy, a lady from our community in Thailand, stepped into the water for baptism. Her tear-streaked face shone as bright as the sun for she knew she was a daughter of God. 

My mind ran back to Muy’s incredible story. When she was a girl, Muy noticed a pamphlet lying in a gutter. Curious, she picked it up and discovered that it was about Jesus with an offer for free Bible studies and a Bible. Muy filled out the sheet and sent it in. 

After three years Muy completed the Bible studies and received her Bible. But before she could even begin reading it, her mother threw it into the fire. 

A few years later Muy was married and had two children. Her son was born with severe disabilities and her daughter developed autistic-like symptoms when she was seven. 

The hospital bills mounted as Muy tried to help her children. Her husband refused to pay anything for the children’s care and left Muy for another woman. Every day angry people knocked on Muy’s door, demanding reimbursement for money her husband had borrowed. When Muy received death threats, she fled her village and went to live with her sister.  

One day Muy met some Christian foreigners at the market. As she became friends with them, they shared Bible truths with her. Muy was excited about what she was learning, but her relatives were upset. They tried to keep Muy busy working in her garden so that she couldn’t talk with her new friends.  

By Joelle Griswold


Scott Griswold, far right, conducts an outdoor Bible study. Photographs courtesy of Joelle Griswold.Joelle’s dad, Scott Griswold, is the director of Global Mission’s Buddhist Study Center in Thailand, which makes it possible for people such as Khun Muy to know God. Please pray for the ministry of this study center.  


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Why Muy’s Face Shone Like the Sun

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