Praying for Change

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Alexandar serves as the head elder of the Tomsk Seventh-day Adventist Church in Siberia, Russia, where he loves to help lead a small group of believers. Every Sabbath they meet in a house church, down a back alley on the outskirts of town. 

More than 120 people pack into a room not much bigger than a living room. There they study God’s word and grow closer to Jesus. Many members in the congregation have seen tremendous changes take place in their lives. But none has been more impacted by change than Alexandar. 

“For the first five years of my marriage everything was fine with my husband,” says Alexandar’s wife, Lubov. “But then he started to drink alcohol. 

“It caused problems in our family. I didn’t like the constant drinking and I didn’t think that he was being a good example for his young sons. I didn’t want them to start doing the same thing.”

Before the fall of Communism, Alexandar held a prestigious job working for the government. When he lost his job, he became depressed and started to drink.  

One day Lubov knelt down on the floor of her apartment and cried out to God. “If you truly exist, then help me. You know what is happening with my family.”

A few days later she was given a flyer for an upcoming evangelistic meeting. The flyer invited anyone with family problems to come to the meeting. Lubov decided to go, hoping that this might be the answer to her prayer. 

Lubov attended the meetings and soon became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tomsk.  Alexandar didn’t like this, and he knew how to handle the problem.

“I was going to save my wife,” says Alexandar. “I went to the church to cause a problem, but when I arrived I was shocked. The members were rejoicing that I was there and I didn’t know what to think.”

Alexandar had come to the church as an enemy, but God used the members to show him His love. Alexandar decided that he needed to follow this new lifestyle with his wife.

Alexandar was baptized and today he and Lubov live in a loving, Christian home. What was once a place poisoned by depression and alcohol became a place of love and peace.

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