“You give me so many reasons to smile.”

Members of the Descendants, smiling in gratitude for the van provided by a Global Mission donor. Coming to America has changed the way I go to work. When I lived on the AIIAS campus in the Philippines, I often walked to the office. Now I drive 20 miles through heavy traffic. Waiting for the lights to turn green gives me a few moments to reflect on the previous day’s or week’s work and plan my day’s activities. My to-do list invariably includes database care, processing donations, responding to emails, attending meetings, and answering phone calls.  A smile lights up my face when I think of some of the letters, notes, emails, and phone calls I get.  

Like the call I received last March from a gentleman I’ll call Mr. H. He had read a story in Adventist World about the hardships endured by the Descendants, an Adventist singing group in Mongolia that provides music for the region’s evangelistic meetings. When he learned that their rented van had broken down 10 times on a 750-mile trip to a singing appointment, he wanted to set up a special Global Mission project to help.

“I am 85 and have a 7-year-old car that is running smoothly,” Mr. H. said. “Instead of considering a new car, I would prefer to put the money into an adequate vehicle that could be at the disposal of the Mongolia Mission and their singing group.“

My heart warmed with gratitude for the generous support of this man—one of many who would rather sacrifice personal wants to support Global Mission projects and pioneers. With Mr. H’s help, a reliable van was purchased in Mongolia. 

I always get this warm feeling of belonging and family each time I hear from one of our donors. It may be a greeting card or a note of appreciation, a prayer request or a call for a Global Mission offer. It is always a blessing when I’m able to pray with a caller over the phone.  No matter the day’s demands and challenges, my spirit is lifted and my faith strengthened by the continued support and encouragement of all Adventist Mission and Global Mission donors.

Donors are precious. Not just because of their financial support and prayers but because they, like us, love Jesus, believe in His soon coming, and would like people all over the world without exception to know this good news and be ready to meet Him.

Your calls, letters, emails, visits, and prayers change lives and give meaning to the true essence of Adventist Mission–reaching the unreached with hope. Thank you, donors!

If you’ve called the Office of Adventist Mission to make a donation, you were probably warmly greeted by the gentle voice of Nimfa Sumagaysay. Originally from the Philippines, she has served as Donor Relations Coordinator for the past four years. Nimfa is often engaged in caring conversation and prayer with donors. She lives in Maryland with her husband, Willie, and son, John Leigh.

Third Quarter 2011

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“You give me so many reasons to smile.”


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