Pioneer Postcards

Global Mission pioneers are local people who dedicate at least one year to starting new churches in areas or among people groups where there is little or no Adventist presence. Many are volunteers, living on small stipends. They work in challenging conditions and some are the only Seventh-day Adventists in an area of more than one million people. 

Their ministry wouldn’t be possible without your support. Thank you! 


Peter Joshua Solomon

Botswana: Please pray for the work we’re doing in unentered areas all over the world. We need God to soften people’s hearts and to give us wisdom so that we can help hasten Jesus’ return. Thank you for supporting our ministry. We are reaching people for Jesus!” 

Kebagogile Moyeyi

Botswana: “When I see people come to Jesus, I feel so happy that I had a small part in it.”



Baitshoki Sebeetswekgomo

Botswana: “I love this ministry. I would love to march into heaven with everyone that God has created!”

Mookodi Mokopotsa 

Botswana: “Some of us are working in areas where it’s very difficult to reach people for Jesus. Please pray that God will make us more effective.”

Amos Mapharing

 Botswana: “It’s hard to share Jesus where I serve, but I’ve learned that one of the most effective ways is through children. I plan to start a child-to-child ministry and do everything I can to empower God’s little jewels to share the love story of Jesus with others. Please pray for my new ministry.”

Mijo Rakotomalala 

Madagascar: “The first person I helped lead to Christ at my church plant was baptized last Sabbath. I’m excited that I have an opportunity to help bring people to God.”

Joseph Patrick Rakotobe

Madagascar: “I’m responsible for 12 churches in an area where 80 percent of the people practice traditional religion and are desperately poor. I give many of them Bible studies and minister to their needs. Despite many challenges, the Holy Spirit has blessed. We’ve started two branch Sabbath schools and a new church plant and have baptized 27 people.” 


Harsha Niaina Davidra

Madagascar: “My goal as a pioneer is to share the everlasting gospel and to help people really understand what the Seventh-day Adventist Church stands for.” 


Rangarirayi Matache

South Africa: “Thank you very much for supporting our work. Your efforts are not in vain. You’re helping many to see the light.”


Phillip Makgatle

Botswana: “I love being a pioneer! It’s so rewarding to see people catch a glimpse of God’s love and acceptance. Please pray for me and the people I’m reaching out to.” 



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