Where Do My Mission Offerings Go?

Adventist church members often feel as if they’re putting money into a “black hole” when they give their mission offerings. They don’t really know where these offerings go, who they’re supporting, or what they’re achieving. They know it’s for some sort of good mission cause, and so they faithfully give—although perhaps not as much, and not with the same enthusiasm they once did.

Many Adventists are surprised to learn, for example, that through their mission offerings they support about 1,000 missionaries around the world. In fact, 70 percent of mission offerings help support overseas missionaries and the international work of the church.

They don’t realize that the remainder helps the mission of various institutions, services, and agencies that serve the world church. They don’t know they’re helping the medical mission work of Loma Linda University in sharing God’s love and compassion in many of the world’s neediest areas. They don’t know they help support the international humanitarian ministry of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

In recent years, millions of people from challenging areas of the world have found salvation in Jesus and have joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thousands of new congregations have been established in new areas. After these new believers have been baptized, however, how are they nurtured? How do they receive resources, materials, and programs to strengthen their new faith? How do they receive ongoing pastoral care? Your mission offerings help sustain and grow new work throughout the world.

To keep in touch with the exciting story of Adventist mission around the world, please visit www.AdventistMission.org.

And thanks again for your prayers and financial support for Adventist mission around the world. You do make a difference.


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