Glimpses of Russia and Ukraine

Most people in Russia and Ukraine live in large cities such as Moscow, Kazan, and Kiev. We’d like you to meet some of the people that call these cities home, and those who are reaching out to them for Jesus.

More than 150 literature evangelists, medical missionaries, and pastors are participating in the Kiev: City of Hope outreach, providing free health education, nutrition kiosks, books, concerts, and Bible studies. To learn more, please visit   

Please pray that our Mission to the Cities outreach will help people find true, lasting hope in Jesus. And thank you for your mission and world budget offerings—they help make mission possible! 


Saint Basil’s Cathedral adorns Red Square in Moscow. Moscow, Russia


Sharing a meal together is central to Russian hospitality. Kazan, Russia



Leonid Rutkovsky and Anna Gavelo lead more than 150 Mission to the City missionaries in Kiev. Kiev, Ukraine

Preparing for a live evangelistic broadcast on Hope TV, Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine

 Pretty in pink, this little girl is enjoying a day in the city with her family.  Kiev, Ukraine

In the midst of a busy city, this boy has eyes only for his mother.  Kiev, Ukraine

While economic prosperity for some has come to Ukraine, people long for something more.  Kiev, Ukraine



Colorful potties sit outside the preschool classroom in Vinnitsa. Vinnitsa, Ukraine



Adventist schools play a key role in reaching city dwellers. Lviv, Ukraine






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He Called My Name

God mentions Saul by name to Ananias and tells him to help Saul, and He did something similar for me.

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