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Her dedication and passion for the job have allowed hundreds of children to graduate and move on to opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

“If you have just a roof over your head and enough space, you can work and the kids can learn,” Helen says. “I get a great deal of pleasure when I see kids who come from a family where no one has ever been to school, and they’re the first ones to go through to grade six, and then they’re the first ones to finish year twelve, and then they’re the first ones to go to college.”

Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS) enables people to serve in a mission setting globally. This includes a huge variety of jobs and tasks. For Helen, it has meant serving as an administrator for more than 40 years. 

The mission at this school is for the students to receive a quality Adventist education.

“It’s very difficult for a Buddhist to become a Christian,” says Helen, “and if they do it too quickly, it causes big problems in their family. But if they wait and go a little more slowly, then they can get by.”

Helen’s experience has taught her what works and what doesn’t work in reaching Buddhists. She has had quite a bit of success in teaching her students about Jesus.

“On a normal day we try to get everybody to worship by eight-thirty. Then we just go through the classes,” says Helen. 

After they graduate, most of the students go on to university. Some agree to return to the school and work a certain number of years. This is how Helen is guaranteed workers to keep the school running. “We have a lot of teachers here who came to us as young students from non-Christian homes and they’re wonderful workers now.”

In addition to serving as the school administrator, Helen teaches science, English, math, and Bible. 

Atu is a graduate from Helen’s school. He now works in villages telling people about Jesus. Atu has started multiple churches in these villages. The villagers love hearing stories from the Bible. Most of them are hearing the name Jesus for the first time.

Atu knows that God has blessed him with the opportunity to do this. He gained a strong grasp of the Bible while at the school and is now passing on his knowledge to others. He is just one of many graduates using what they have learned at the school for God’s glory.

Despite its successes, the school faces many challenges such as religious barriers and lack of financial resources, educational materials, and even space. But when these challenges surface, Helen turns to God.

“When we get discouraged, the Lord sends us a blessing and then we know that He’s still with us,” she says. “No man has enough wisdom to know what to do. Only God can guide us as to how we should go.”

As you can see, the service of an AVS worker has the power to change lives. AVS workers can teach people about Jesus and set them on the right path for their lives. Helen is just one of many AVS workers around the world. Please remember them in your prayers. 


To watch a video of Helen and her school, visit www.Mission360Mag.org/Videos.

The Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS) is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization designed to assist the Seventh-day Adventist Church in proclaiming the gospel to people everywhere through the ministry of Adventist volunteers. Adventist volunteers may serve as pastors, ESL teachers, school librarians, computer technicians, orphanage workers, and more. If you’re interested in serving as a volunteer, visit www.AdventistVolunteers.org to apply.

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