1st Quarter 2014

Basile's Discovery

Basile lives in the country of Benin. He has lots of brothers and sisters, for his father had two wives. Papa was a voodoo priest. Read Story

The Dangerous Journey

The children walk silently and single file toward their school more than a mile away. They can’t talk because it’s too noisy to hear one another over the roaring traffic that passes just inches from them. Read Story

Patricia's Prayer

When Patricia’s mother died, Patricia went to live with her grandmother. Her father couldn’t pay her tuition at the Adventist school, so he sent Patricia to the public school near their home. Read Story

The Little Missionary

“Father says I’m a missionary,” Theodore says, “because I invited Amos to come to Jesus. You can be a missionary too,” he adds. “Just tell your friends about Jesus and invite them to come to church with you.” Read Story

Joseph and Mary's Quest

Joseph loved his new school, and when he learned that the children attended Sabbath School on Sabbaths, he wanted to go too. His mother walked him to the church on her way to work. Read Story

A Child Shall Lead

Ama was 9 years old when her father took a new job and moved to northern Ghana. Mother had to remain in their former town for several months. Read Story

Gideon's Calling

Gideon is 9 years old. He lives in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. Gideon wants to be a pastor when he grows up, but he already shares his faith with others. Read Story

Mother's Scars

Ignoring the flames and thick smoke that billowed out of the doorway, Ado's mother ran into the house to rescue her baby. Read Story

Faithful Eil-Ann

“I’ve studied hard, but I know that the tests will be hard. Teacher told us that people from the government will be there to make sure nobody cheats.” Read Story

Jean Paul's Joy

Jean Paul was sad and lonely. He wanted to make friends, but other children avoided him or acted as if they didn’t see him. Recess time was the hardest for Jean Paul. The children often played soccer, his favorite game. But he wasn’t invited to play. Read Story

Joshua's Tests

When Joshua’s school began holding classes on Sabbath, Joshua’s father explained the Bible Sabbath to the head teacher and asked permission for Joshua to miss classes on Sabbath. Read Story

Dorcas Shares Her Faith

On her way to church one Sabbath Dorcas saw two girls quarreling. I wish they would stop fighting, Dorcas thought. Dorcas looked around, but nobody else was nearby. So she walked toward the girls and said, “Please don’t fight!” Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Three years ago our mission offering helped children in these countries share God’s love by providing back-to-school supplies and invitations to attend Sabbath School. Let’s hear how one girl helped share God’s love by using supplies purchased through our mission offerings. Read Story
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