4th Quarter 2013

The Little Lighthouse

Joanna lives in a village on the top of a mountain in western Greece. There is no Adventist church in her village, so the family drives down the mountain to a town an hour away to attend church. Read Story

Missionary to Mom

While Niko’s mother worked, Niko stayed with some friends. On Saturdays the family went to church and took Niko with them. He liked singing the songs and hearing the Bible stories. Read Story

Standing for Her Faith

Victoria lives in Athens, Greece. She attends a public school, and her lessons include religion classes twice a week. Read Story

The Seed Planter

Fano stays in an after-school program when his mom has to work late. Some days when the children finish their homework, Fano gathers them together and tells them stories about Jesus. Read Story

Let's Get Messy!

Messy Church can get messy, but it’s fun! It’s an outreach program for kids, but parents come too. Read Story

Luke's Triumph

Luke stood quietly as his mother talked to the school principal. His eyes traced the brightly colored leaves on a large paper tree mounted to the wall. Each paper leaf had a name on it. Read Story

Love Around the World

It’s Sabbath morning in England. The sun glitters through the red and gold leaves, and dew sparkles on the lawn as we walk toward the church on the campus of Newbold College. Read Story

Veronika Shares Her Faith

Veronika loves God and loves to worship Him in church. But her family doesn’t attend church often. She prays that her parents will give their hearts to Jesus one day. Read Story

Praying for Dedo

David and his family live in the same house as his grandfather, whom he calls Dedo, and his grandmother, Baba. He loves Dedo and Baba and often spends time talking to them. Read Story

Kids for Jesus

Adventist children in Macedonia take their faith seriously. Let’s meet some Adventist children and learn how they share God’s love with others. Read Story

Making Friends for Jesus

Mihael (MEE-hel) is 7 years old and lives in Macedonia. Mihael’s father is a pastor, and often Mihael goes with him to visit people. Read Story

Adventures in the Bible

Jóhann jumped off the school bus and ran toward the modern glass building nearby. Today was a class field trip, and Jóhann loved field trips. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Jesus said, “And this gospel . . . will be preached in the whole world . . . , and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14, NIV). If Jesus won’t come until everyone has heard that God loves them, what can we do to tell others the good news? Read Story
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